An empty bill board & widowed stig!


Well I am not writing this post to judge if Jeremy Clarkson should be brought back to BBC Top Gear UK given his popularity or what he did to deserve a void contract. I do support free speech and on the other hand I respect individualism. Its highly on the professional terms what BBC management have decided on Jeremy Clarkson. As other Clarkson fans I would love to see him back on the show. But again its totally a personal wish.

I am writing this post to make a note to myself, how much I will miss these presenters if they wont ever come back together again. Lately I have seen cheerful Tweets about commendable job till now & hopefully things will workout. And Richard Hammond sketches a motor bike with a Tweet “Ok, now this is where being bored gets you. Not ready for retirement.”

Rather what breaks my heart today is an empty header on top gear site. I simply cant picture Stig’s head without May, Hammond and Clarkson staring back with childish yet knowledgeable look.

This is what I have been looking at from an eternity.


I literally grew up with these guys rolling as a trio with few fillers of Stig or Stig’s international cousin. I still remember Season 1 Episode 1 where it all started with Clarkson taking a Citroen Berlingo to a booze cruise to Calais. It was quite clear with that episode that Top gear ain’t ordinary show with chaps talking about technology and “point of view”. It rather marked a start to an incredible journey with alternative humor and open minded comments. Of course the plot & dialogues of the trio grew more controversial as they started making more apologetic remarks than what they are good at. I guess that’s where Top Gear presenters marked an alternative sense of humor and selective audience, including me, started following them closely. Well one has to be way open & light minded for a quick laugh as they deserve in return.

Stig’s Chinese cousin wont be the same without May & Clarkson standing beside to draw him into a Chinese Sedan. Same goes for his other international cousins. There is no point of  sticking Stig’s head in an empty bill board.

I must mention I have never seen such dedicated presenters who would go to the extent of hurting themselves to keep the show running. Is there any celebrity who would host one of the most popular show and crash a car at 300 miles an hour? Well Richard Hammond being an enthusiastic human being deserves to be called as the best presenter ever. Whats even more commendable is that the Hamster came back after full recovery. And did testing of cars at 300 miles an hour once again. What a man!!

Even Jeremy Clarkson rides on the same page of dedication. On the special episode of Vietnam Jeremy dares to ride a scooter for a 1500 miles journey. Even though he started his journey with “Do you mean this thing has got 1 cylinder” & without bothering about putting a stand on the scooter; he did eventually liked what he was doing. Crashed & badly hurt with broken rib, he did finish the whole journey. What else these guys must do to earn respect!

I will dearly miss Top Gear in its original charm. A place where I always laughed with no prejudice. A place where being an idiotic moron was considered okay for the sake humor. A place where lines were intelligently woven with humor and sarcasm. I would love to see Jeremy Clarkson, James May & Richard Hammond together again.


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