Dusting pages from an aging library


” I never taught a thing to Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton; never told Galileo how to polish a piece of glass” he spoke placing his book carefully onto the shelf. “Yet they managed to make sense out of flashy lights of the heavens, fallen apple and lurked into the darkness proving we live in a fabric of space and time. Have they been touched by some unearthly wise being who taught them to think the way they did? No one to say in certainty.” Walking down the sliding ladder of the old librarian spoke in a soft and lofty voice

” Oh, if only my words obscure  your thoughts,

Its just a wipe woven to your sleeves upon glimmering dew

Bright minds must kindle, but bright; are you?

Oh, I see how you scoff impious pride from fiends impure,

We are stripped but who to say the thoughts are real,

Till the nakedness draws the false from true.

Oh, fellow visitor with hollow smile and frozen sneer,

The heavens would faint at your thoughts cheer,

For one last time let me unveil the silk off your brow-ridge,

Come with me and dust the pages of this aging library.”

More than his wrinkled eyes, his grey long beard made him look wiser. “But is he really a wise man or just a poet who happen to have a grip on history” I thought to myself. Walking at the pace of a snail the old librarian waved at me for some help. I gave him a hand to walk to his old reeking work desk. The strong smell of old mahogany had an intense grip on my thoughts. “The old librarian does know a bit of sorcery” I thought. Cozying in his creaky chair he spoke “I know the reason!” and coughed swiftly to continue ” I know you are a wonderer. But unlike you, I know the reason. I know the knowledge you hold. I know the knowledge you seek. But my young wonderer! The path you must embark wont give you smile. Nor will it wet your cheerful thoughts. But that’s what they did and you! must do.” For some reason I couldn’t utter a word. I was comfortably numb in my velvety chair. ” Is this a pure act of sorcery?” I thought.

Clearing his throat the old librarian continued “As I said my words will only obscure your thoughts. But young wonderer I am sure in this obscurity you will find you glimmer. Seven billion brains are at work as we speak. Do all of them are conditioned for greatness? Yes they do. But the willpower to peek into oneself and unlock the potential lies with few brave beings. History proves it and so will the future. My young friend, I am an old man who has seen ages of history. People warring over the bright minds. Great achievements! At times caught a glimpse of Archimedes running naked though the streets of Syracuse. But I must say even mind favors the brave beings. Never shy from expression. Pitfalls will come as cushion when you enjoy falling. Fall graciously my young wonderer.”

The old librarian pushed his creaky chair slowly and walked towards the book shelves. I was watching him in seer silence. Few minutes passed and he vanished into the crowded book selves. “wow, that man deserves to be called as an awesome librarian” I thought. Exhausted as I was; I pushed my chair to stand and that’s when I heard his voice again. Looking though a distant book shelf the old librarian spoke sharply:

“Oh! My young wonderer; Never hesitate to fall graciously”


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