Once a notion, now a goal, ‘Oh! My dear ambition’ – A Cactus story

Cactus Story

When my passion & ambition braces me tight, I pull out my pen and write a poem about it. How does it help? If not anything, I feel the connection strong and embedded. This is an electronic form of the ink that I scribed on a piece of tissue paper.

Roots, roots, roots,

A single lingering word in my mind,

Cant settle it, Cant spill it,

“How strong” if they ask,

 Its just a cactus, if I have no mask;

I need no nurture or rain,

My roots grow faster in draught and pain;

Deep beneath the sandy rust,

I find a treasure and I quench my thrust;

Once was the time,

when I shivered and stammered;

Now that its over,

I grow strong and bold;

Budding through my branches,

are little flowery ambition;

Once looked far fetched,

now it looks like a notion;

Million sobbing nights,

to mourn the flowers, who once glowed bright;

Through the sandy storms and scorching heat,

I am proud to have the strong ones survive;

Grew my thorns sharper,

when the times got tough and bleak;

All the time I called them a part of my soul.

Once a notion, now a goal;

‘Oh! My dear ambition’


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