Say My Name ! – A long name darma

Say my name

Hey there Mr. mmm,

Listen you did good Mr. mmm,

That’s my story in just 3 simple letters – mmm,

I always find it funny, though my brain goes numb,

I love to see them struggle,

With lapse of words, call ’em momentary dumb,

They take a break as the confused eyes wiggle.

That’s my story – Say my name!

Been so long with this pronunciation,

My best play to start a conversation,

Been to places where – J is called H,

Lived in places where – J is called Y,

Shall I pity poor letter J,

With my long a** name, who I am I to say,

Just slap your tongue,

And – Say My Name!

Lately, my name started a new trend,

They call me with two syllable, even my friend,

When I raise my voice to ask ’em why,

They say – with your kindda name, you don’t have to shy,

It goes like – MS or SMA, sometimes M,

With today’s culture where message becomes msg,

When you smile, even two syllable ain’t no shame.

Im proud of my name,

Even though its long, I value my strength,

The deeds, the goodwill,

But I still want to ask the god,

can you please come down,

Try and – Say my name!


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