When Shadow Grows Grey


I was a child
When all this started
He gave me choices
My confused eyes parted
He made me sniff but closed my nose
He made me crawl but tied my legs
That’s when I know – My shadow is grey!

When I liked blue
He said – Why not red
When I liked berries
He served me bread
When I closed my walls
He opened five doors
Walking alone in high school alley
He held my hand – My grey shadow friend!

Sitting on a judgment sit
My lips shivered shut
He lit a candle and wiped my sweat
I was on a hopeless streak
When he said – Life is not black and white
Change your shade to grey – Be like me
I unlocked the chain & hid the key
He never longed for a praise – my grey shadow me!

I have done my deeds
Happiness grow like a meadow – ever green
I relish my doings
And praise my chalice
Now and then I look at him
He looks me in eyes
With a smile full of luck
I say – Thank god you are so grey!


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