Bebe – A song of fur and purr


This poem is dedicated to one of my close friend and her cat – Bebe. True story – True Poem!

Once upon a time

Singing songs of purring rhyme

There was cat named Bebe

Handsome as he was

His traits were odd

While others liked milk

His highness loved cheese

While others preferred cuteness

Bebe preferred stoutness

He always walked proud in others

For the fact – he beheld the best mother

So what, she comes in the form of human

Maternal dew never needed cold

Sufficing with a leafy branch to hold

All evening and dinner time

Sitting on his velvety throne

Gazing at nowhere – call it a cat’s stare

She loved him for what he was

Because thatโ€™s what she always care

Together they sang

The mighty song of fur and purr

One evening she came late from work

Faded and jaded she lurked into a gloomy murk

Her room was dark and strangely void

A dark chill ran through her bones

Her voiceless lips screamed – Bebe

She ran from room to room

Just to disappoint on the fact

That her sweetheart was missing

She cried and sobbed

Clutching her fingers – her fragile heart throbbed

She never lived without bebe

This sudden void was surreal

Holding tight to her wits

She ventured into the streets

Shouting like a crazy soul

She roamed the neighborhood in vain

But bebe was long gone

Two days passed

That she gave up on food

Crying herself to sleep

She prayed to the god for mercy

3 am it was and she lied on her bed

And she heard a longing purr

Wiping her tears she ran out of her room

Taking a deep breath she opened the main door

Bebe was staring back at her

His eyes innocently glowed in dim light

Giving out a small purr

Bebe jumped towards her

She hugged him and cleaned his paws

Morning dawned and life was on track

She kept Bebe close to her

Wondering where he was

She thought – she might be nurturing an angel

Or just a secret life of cat

But she is glad to have her soul back

And till this day they both are singing

“The mighty song of fur and purr”


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