The Urban Dance

The urban Dance

“Walking down to office  is quite fun – When you look at people & compose a poem. Dedicated to  busy streets of Singapore.”

Down the isle of broad fame

We walk swiftly to win the game

Sleeves and Pants

And cashmere scarf

Apple ear buds humming a common chant

A brief moment of communal harmony

What a great time to have an epiphany

They walk with their chin up

Holding starbucks in a cup

Reminds me of Beyoncé song – if I dare

“Legs moving side to side – smack it smack it – in the air”

The fathomable walking pace

Unknowingly we are in for a race

Every morning we all move to “The Urban Dance”

Drained of color choice

– We resort to black and white

Sharp heels & flat shoes

– But its black – So it feels right

Lips are miles away from a smile

Eyes glued to the phone dial

Freaked about the calendar clashes

Least bothered about the ankle rashes

Pain doesn’t mean a dime

If only we can reach office in time

Unknowingly we all play a part

To a great sensation called

“The Urban Dance”


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