Listen – The elevator is talking!


The whisper & the sound

A cave that guards like a hound;

Press you ears tight,

Guess what – the elevator talks it right;

A solitary note,

Add your ‘life’ to the chord of mote;

It might sound a bit silly,

But one must listen carefully;

To lift your spirit,

It says all the right words;

Feeling positive?

Then try this trick out

Tag a mental note when the elevator says:

‘Life’ – Going up;

‘Fate’ – Doors are opening

‘Success’ – Reached level 23 – ‘Still’ – Going up

‘Pessimists – For you my’ – Doors are closing

‘Take a break’ – Going down

“See the world” – Ground level.

” Motivation hides in every drop of nature. We just have to train our senses to capture them.”


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