A body of jealous


They raise their finger

and accuse me of being jealous

Strangely I agree with them

For the fact, that’s the secret of my vigor

Every time I lift weight in the Gym

I am jealous of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Every time I write a blog

I am jealous of Shakespeare

Every time I look at my phone

I am jealous of Steve jobs

Every time I turn on my PC

I am jealous of Bill Gates

Every time I do puzzles

I am jealous of Alan Turing

I love  my jealousy

It makes my brain bleed

and body sweat

It gives me a reason for

My failures are not in vain

It makes me push harder

Walking brave in stormy rain

I heal my own wounds

And let the cynicism drain

I build my own castle

And stand the lonely guard

While jealously is my weapon

Every death makes me hard

So if you call me jealous

I say I am proud of it

That’s how my life muse

Said & done

So what’s your excuse?

Picture Credit: tomball.goldwiser.com


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