The race that stood against the heavens



It’s a scientific fact that our galaxy, the Milky Way, is moving fast towards its neighboring galaxy, the Andromeda. As per calculations made by famous scientists, in 3 billion years from today the galaxies will start merging and it would take 2.5 billion years to complete the process of merging. Even though scientists believe that earth will be safe during the galactic merging, there is always a question about the manner these galaxies will merge. The worse fate of earth would be, if it lies in the path of the Andromeda’s core. The cores of each galaxies holds a super massive black hole & the merging process won’t stop until these cores have joined together to form a single core for the new galaxy. Today, nearly all scholars believe that mankind need not worry about this event, because by then mankind would have invented many avenues to cheat natural disasters. They might have discovered habitable planets in nearby star systems & might have invented efficient ways to travel vast distances of universe. They did, in the longest stretch of mankind; they invented ways to reach Alpha-Century (Nearby Star). This civilization witnessed the start of galactic merger. However, in an unfortunate event in which few 1000 asteroids showered on earth, the civilization was helpless. The mankind perished in one night. After half a million years later the intelligent life spawned earth’s surface again. The cycle of mankind’s discovery repeated itself again. They discovered their new god & counted years from the day their god made them. They called it After Genesis.

Counting from AG (After Genesis), humanity has been thriving on the earth for 1600 years. With a controlled population of 1.5 Billion, the society has been perfect in every sense. They found ways to travel to moon and nearby planets; they discovered ways to safeguard themselves from asteroids and meteors. But they were not prepared for what was in store for them in coming 10 years. The worst of worse scenario, the galactic core –a black hole was on its way to devour earth; and earth was in  the collision course. One man, Dymer Clyme, famous astronomer & historian will journey country to country & far reaches of solar system to decode the prophecies of a million year old society & save earth from its certain death.


Chapter 1 – Diamonds in the sky

Last night of the year 1629 AG: The night sky has never been this delightful. Millions of cities turn off their lights for an hour every night to enjoy the multitude of color & shapes that hangs about in the heavens. “Dad, look eastwards, that’s a new strip of green nebula” shouted an overly excited little girl named Lyzi. “Yes, my dear, it’s quite common for a winter sky to put out new nebulas once in a month” replied the father, Dymer Clyme. Dymer Clyme is a famous historian & astronomer, with atleast 200 bestselling non-fictional books under his portfolio. His latest book – The ancient sky, provoked lot of communities for openly discussing weakness of the existing society. Dymer strongly believes that everyone is drawing a blindfold to the legacies left by previous societies. “How long this sky has been like this, dad?” added Lyzi. “Well, as of today, the sky has been like this since the beginning of mankind but we are not exactly sure when this phenomenon has started. Anyways, enough of stargazing, it’s getting late and you have school tomorrow. Come on, let’s go inside.” In 5 minutes the whole city lit up with restored electricity. After putting Lyzi to sleep Dymer turned on the television and the news channel buzzed on “And in today’s news – What are we thankful of for this decade. Un-deniably, this decade has been quite a happening 10. From astronaut Zletus Kimm’s first foot step on Mars to the ground breaking inventions of Dr. Ulder in parallel space time fabrics, it looks like next decade we can touch the heaven.” and the news went on while Dymer slowly drifted to sleep.

The sky, reflecting colors in every shape and form, surely looked like scattered diamonds spread across  a piece of black cloth. Every conceivable color was painted across the night sky, few shifting shapes while others silently stared back at earth. However, amongst these bizarre shapes and colors lied a bright spot, spooling other shapes into it steadily, if stared at it for hours one can compare the bundle of light with a circus master. It felt as if the light controlled the destiny of sky, devouring few shapes and sometimes splitting few to make new nebulas. It was a treat for human kind to watch this spectacular scene over and over again for millions of years.

But time has changed; the final parade of the galactic core merger has begun. The glowing bright light conceals a super massive black hole in it core. Sucking in matter and every form of light, the black hole glows bight from the fictional energy. For an ordinary human being it’s just another heavenly body. But Dymer has been observing it closely. It was 5 am in the morning and Dymer’s phone buzzed with a heavy vibration. After putting his glasses on, he stared at the phone screen – Zletus Kimm….Calling…. Clearing his morning throat Dymer replies cheerfully “Hey old pal, long time”. “You were true, all the while, I saw it with my eyes, and we have to meet as soon as possible.” There was a mutual silence for few seconds and Dymer replied stammering “Oh, oh…yes, ofcourse, but the calculations indicate, it can’t be, okay, okay, can we meet around 9 am at my office”. With the confirmation Dymer haphazardly placed the phone on the side table and ran to the computer. There was one high priority mail from Zletus with subject “Final processed images on Mars mission”. He opened the attachment and stared blankly with mouth wide open.


Chapter 2 – Friendship of three

Need more creative thinking to drive this story further. Stay tuned!



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