“A cleverly tailored story desires appreciation, an intricately fabricated sentence requisites knowledge and technique, however, though how minuscule it may be, a word – stripped out of its sentence, picked from a clever story – holds a world of sentences & stories. Words are who we are today; words make our kind powerful.”

A commonly found human being with a natural affinity towards thoughts and questions. Psyched about travels; especially to places seldom called as ‘touristy appetite’. An enthusiastic classical guitarist and prefer to get drunk in bars where music rather takes the poll position.

Like to stay close to the reality; way to achieve that is to stay close to universe and its working. More I know about my place in universe, more I grow confident even with failures. Well no denial there, knowing about the universal truth reveals the unnecessary earthly desire to achieve momentary triumphs. May be that’s the secret of ‘ever-happiness’ & truly being called an ‘open-thinker’.


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