Four phases of my life

Life Phases

As I grow older and death becomes bolder

I realize how small life has been

Took ten years to understand my senses

Another ten to understand this overcomplicated world

Struggled and found the resolve

Just to know I was missing the arsenal to evolve

So I ran & ran to fight and excel

Blinded in a boom box

When I open my eyes

Death was close by

Life is shorter than I thought

Hanging in a mote of light

I raise my finger and count it right

Its just four phases of my life”

Stepping into the final phase

Jaded and rusted of 30 years of race

Now is no time for tear

Not a step back for unknown fear

I have gathered enough wisdom

To venture the world in uncanny freedom

White snowy mountain

To hot warm fountain

A selfie with old pharaohs

To shivers in damp barrows

I will wet my feet in a beach of bluish sight

And drown my eyes in northern light

The last phase is a chance of redemption

Not a bit of remorse

Or a sign of exhaustion

I will trot around the world

At last – kissing the sky goodbye

I will sing

I love – “Four phases of my life”


I am a D major & She is a F sharp

I am D Major


I always started with a D major strum

She always whistled with the sweetest hum;

If only I can grab a harp

Coz my dear loves to play F sharp;

Our notes were way apart

We wanted to jam, she said “but, where to start?”


Cold feet and trembling heart

I hit the first chord – G Flat;

Her lips had the widest smile

Her dimple was deeper than a mile;

Her glow was brighter than ever

Guess I caught the love fever;

Holding the guitar close to her chest

She picked C Flat at its best;


The rhythm got us going

Chords and notes – all started flowing;

Our efforts were in vain

The melody was pouring like rain;

We had hit the connection

The first change was the passion

I have shed the obsession of D major

She smiled goodbye to F sharp

Better life waits – beyond stubbornness

The first change – all what matters

Now we look back to say

“I was a D major & she was a F Sharp”

I am the Stardust

I am the stardust

Forged in the flames
of the heavenly fire
Ripped from my ashes
and moved by the shire
A star is my fame
who lives in my soul
In my bone and in my rust
Never dare to question me
Coz’ I am the stardust

I might fail
I might fall
You can sweep me off my rail
Break me into million parts
Burn me down
Nail me in wooden crates
But my feet remains strong
And the phoenix is my blood
Again and again
Strength I will burst
For the reason
I am the stardust

The final judgement day
I will shed my pride
My naked body on the final ride
Ashes to ashes
dust to dust
I submit myself
to the eternal dust
But I will be back
Living in another soul
In his bone and in his rust
Never dare to question him
Coz’ now I am his stardust.



I lay motionless on my bed

Legs apart and arms spread

Staring at the darkness

The peace within

And a thoughtless gesture

I can feel my breath

and count my beats

Every sense of mine

Draws dear

Every nerve, every path, every pump

I can feel my blood

Running peacefully

From head to toe.

I lay motionless on my bed

A realization –

of what makes me alive

of what parts me from death

My consciousness

Is it more of divine? Human? Or Biblical?

Oh! its a bright spinning ball

of godly essence,

Tucked deep inside my head

the ball talks to me,

Shinning brighter and brighter

I asked the bright ball

Why do you hide in the misty layer of concealment?

What harm will befall you

If you reveal your true self?

Glowing brighter than before

The spinning ball talks,

I am you and you are me

I want you to be good –

as much as I want you to be bad.

I want you to succeed –

as much as I want you to fail.

I am the one who makes you strong –

and I am the one who breaks your leg.

You train me for few seconds

And I guide you for days.

I always stand besides you,

but I hide in shrewd fog.

Just listen to me when I talk-

Never try to find me or touch.

My powers will pull you to madness –

only the words you must trust.

Now my dear body you must sleep.

Knock on my door

when you see the face of sun.

A body of jealous


They raise their finger

and accuse me of being jealous

Strangely I agree with them

For the fact, that’s the secret of my vigor

Every time I lift weight in the Gym

I am jealous of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Every time I write a blog

I am jealous of Shakespeare

Every time I look at my phone

I am jealous of Steve jobs

Every time I turn on my PC

I am jealous of Bill Gates

Every time I do puzzles

I am jealous of Alan Turing

I love  my jealousy

It makes my brain bleed

and body sweat

It gives me a reason for

My failures are not in vain

It makes me push harder

Walking brave in stormy rain

I heal my own wounds

And let the cynicism drain

I build my own castle

And stand the lonely guard

While jealously is my weapon

Every death makes me hard

So if you call me jealous

I say I am proud of it

That’s how my life muse

Said & done

So what’s your excuse?

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Romance of Space and Time

Space and time

“Every object and matter in this universe dents the fabric of space and time. Other relatively smaller matter captured by this dent revolves around master object. Sometimes goes by the name of attraction; sometimes by the name of love?” – Theory of Relativity

“Scientifically, brain is the most complicated creation. Brain can naturally understand the basic rules of universe – gravity, attraction & time. What is the effect of brain on the fabric of space and time, still needs to be discovered” – Neuroscience

She sits in the front row;

Denting the fabric –

With her attractive glow;

She listens to the lecture;

Holding a strand of hair –

Staring at the Laplace picture;

The mathematics professor tries his best;

To capture all his students,

In his skillful dent;

But the space and time,

Takes no side;

Giving chances to all,

The fabric that they ride;


He sits in the third row;

A hand on his cheek,

Eyes lost in her glow;

She looks at him,

And gives a brief smile.

Space and time knows it all

Her attraction dent grows larger,

Revolving close to her dent,

He takes the final plunge;

The attraction grows stronger,

He longs for final bond.


Brain is a powerful matter;

Knows all the tricks,

To make the fabric shatter;

She thinks about her commitments,

And her smile shrinks to sadness;

She closes her radius,

Throwing him out of orbit;

And the lecture bell rings,

Everyone packed their bags,

And moved on with their lives.


But the fabric stretches beyond horizon,

He moved on to look for the perfect dent,

Where the attraction

Is strong for an eternal dance


That’s my friends is the

Romance of Space and Time

Science is beautiful creation

Answers every question

Sometimes facts, at times notion

If this feels interesting

Read through the

“The theory of relativity”

To keep your brain buzzing

Listen – The elevator is talking!


The whisper & the sound

A cave that guards like a hound;

Press you ears tight,

Guess what – the elevator talks it right;

A solitary note,

Add your ‘life’ to the chord of mote;

It might sound a bit silly,

But one must listen carefully;

To lift your spirit,

It says all the right words;

Feeling positive?

Then try this trick out

Tag a mental note when the elevator says:

‘Life’ – Going up;

‘Fate’ – Doors are opening

‘Success’ – Reached level 23 – ‘Still’ – Going up

‘Pessimists – For you my’ – Doors are closing

‘Take a break’ – Going down

“See the world” – Ground level.

” Motivation hides in every drop of nature. We just have to train our senses to capture them.”