Call us humans or voiding herd

Humans or voiding herd

Separated by continental boundaries

– The only land where we can exist

Separated by religion

-the only fundamental that binds

Separated by language

-the only sound we can feel

Separated by accent

-the only pitch of emotion

Separated by culture

-the only knot that ties our history

Separated by values

-the only pathway to future

Do we have the luxury for all these?

We are just a species – one in 9 million

We share the same world

Oh! for us its just the land

Too bad we cant survive underwater

Effectively we can only survive on 25% of earth

Evolution never stops – Darwin said

While we are busy destroying ourselves

Ten different species are evolving

If not Earth, they dwell somewhere else

Once we are done with ourselves

And think of repopulating Earth

But oh! We didn’t keep up with evolution

One way or other we are losing our dear Earth

So lets –

Unite by our continents

And call it by one name – Pangea

Unite by our religion

And call it by one name – Humanity

Unite by our language

And call it by one name – Understanding

Unite by our accents

And call it by one name – Passion

Unite by our culture

And call it by one name – Earth

Unite by our values

And call it by one name – Help!

Because beyond us there is no one out there to help us from ourselves

Time to rethink “Call us humans or voiding herd”