A Majestic Sunrise

“A writer’s word is like a painters brush and a writers mind is like a washed canvas – beauty of nature can be captured in sets of words as they can be painted with fusion of colors.” 


Rising beyond the horizon of bluish orange rippled sea is the majestic sun. Mighty as it is, its warmth is rather comforting with the fused noise of seagulls. Lighter than air & heavier than heaven, the embracing color of sun demands your attention to adore the redness, the calmness & the occasional kiss of moving clouds. The morning breeze that engulfs the sandy grains of the sea brings along the scent of the sun with a hint of salt. Away from urban pollution the morning breeze heals every leaf of the waking flora. The dense vegetation next to the beach showers in the breeze of the salty air. Waking up to the rising sun every flower blooms into life, adding fragrance to the sandy shore. You sit on the sand with ankles buried deep in the sand – enjoying the occasional touch of the sea. Taking deep breath to heal your lungs from all the tiredness & lies, you stare deep into the hypnosis of rising sun.

Leftover dew from  last night sparkles golden at the gaze of the rising sun. The timeless ballad of the sea with the sandy shore leaves behind tiny sea shells dancing along the sea line. Millions in number but each sea shell looks unique in color. Your heart pounds to collect them all but the rising sun & the cool breeze holds you in a hypnotic trace. The salty breeze runs swiftly through your hair. Gently massaging away every worry that lies deep in your thoughts.  A patch of dark clouds comes hurdling around in the heavenly winds and partially engulfs the sun. The silhouette of the cloud looks biblical, as if the gods are blessing the view by themselves.

Many clouds passed the rising sun, numerous waves touched your feet, leaves – done with the morning shower and now is the time when sun comes out in its full glory. With its shinny hard rays, Sun finally ask you to break away from your reverie & start the day with a good heart.

That’s the portrait of a rising sun in a morning beach. It’s not my fault if you feel like packing your bag & heading to a beach. But if you do, please don’t deny your wits – Life is too short to ignore the glory of nature.