A Wise Shoemaker


Curbed in the underbelly of the town,

Lived a shoemaker.

That nobody knew where he came from,

A wise man – he was perceived of.

Early in the morning he sets up his shoe box,

And shouts through the day:

Come, let me mend your shoe,

Don’t have a copper? Throw me a nickel or two;

Let me hide your smelly toe,

Let me relieve you from your pain,

Let me fix your bloody stain,

For I am the secret keeper –

My lips never parted without a reason.

Let me see what secrets you hide,

So, I can mend your sole, side to side.

I hold no prejudice, I hold no race;

I tend every foot, even with a scarred face.

Though I smell of mud and wax,

My skill will shine your charm.

I will polish you ready, for the missies;

I will scrub you steady, for the bosses.

Like it or not, you need such mend,

I am your shoemaker –

I am your secret friend



Dripping Sweat
And bloodshot eye
Aching heart
And a truth to deny
I can feel the burn
Fist so hard
Guess I am growing horns
Impaired thoughts
And blink less eyes
That murky haze
Eating me inside
What do I do with
My Rage, My Rage, My Rage

Whole world turns fiend
Burning in hellfire
I drag my body
Through the momentary dire
Lips tightly shut
Shivers takes over my sense
It has to be so hard
I feel like an empty vase
I cry for help – save me from
My Rage, My Rage, My Rage

Not a hint of hope
Lost in my own deed
I see a light aloof
Closed eyes And spread arms
Now I can see it clear
Giving a humble gesture
I question myself
How does it matter?
I have come so far
I rose from nothingness
I feel lucky to be here
I feel lucky to breathe
I feel lucky for my emotions
I open my eyes
With the widest smile
I pat myself to say
Enough this time
Come back again
My Rage, My Rage, My Rage

Four phases of my life

Life Phases

As I grow older and death becomes bolder

I realize how small life has been

Took ten years to understand my senses

Another ten to understand this overcomplicated world

Struggled and found the resolve

Just to know I was missing the arsenal to evolve

So I ran & ran to fight and excel

Blinded in a boom box

When I open my eyes

Death was close by

Life is shorter than I thought

Hanging in a mote of light

I raise my finger and count it right

Its just four phases of my life”

Stepping into the final phase

Jaded and rusted of 30 years of race

Now is no time for tear

Not a step back for unknown fear

I have gathered enough wisdom

To venture the world in uncanny freedom

White snowy mountain

To hot warm fountain

A selfie with old pharaohs

To shivers in damp barrows

I will wet my feet in a beach of bluish sight

And drown my eyes in northern light

The last phase is a chance of redemption

Not a bit of remorse

Or a sign of exhaustion

I will trot around the world

At last – kissing the sky goodbye

I will sing

I love – “Four phases of my life”

I am a D major & She is a F sharp

I am D Major


I always started with a D major strum

She always whistled with the sweetest hum;

If only I can grab a harp

Coz my dear loves to play F sharp;

Our notes were way apart

We wanted to jam, she said “but, where to start?”


Cold feet and trembling heart

I hit the first chord – G Flat;

Her lips had the widest smile

Her dimple was deeper than a mile;

Her glow was brighter than ever

Guess I caught the love fever;

Holding the guitar close to her chest

She picked C Flat at its best;


The rhythm got us going

Chords and notes – all started flowing;

Our efforts were in vain

The melody was pouring like rain;

We had hit the connection

The first change was the passion

I have shed the obsession of D major

She smiled goodbye to F sharp

Better life waits – beyond stubbornness

The first change – all what matters

Now we look back to say

“I was a D major & she was a F Sharp”

Listen – The elevator is talking!


The whisper & the sound

A cave that guards like a hound;

Press you ears tight,

Guess what – the elevator talks it right;

A solitary note,

Add your ‘life’ to the chord of mote;

It might sound a bit silly,

But one must listen carefully;

To lift your spirit,

It says all the right words;

Feeling positive?

Then try this trick out

Tag a mental note when the elevator says:

‘Life’ – Going up;

‘Fate’ – Doors are opening

‘Success’ – Reached level 23 – ‘Still’ – Going up

‘Pessimists – For you my’ – Doors are closing

‘Take a break’ – Going down

“See the world” – Ground level.

” Motivation hides in every drop of nature. We just have to train our senses to capture them.”

The Urban Dance

The urban Dance

“Walking down to office  is quite fun – When you look at people & compose a poem. Dedicated to  busy streets of Singapore.”

Down the isle of broad fame

We walk swiftly to win the game

Sleeves and Pants

And cashmere scarf

Apple ear buds humming a common chant

A brief moment of communal harmony

What a great time to have an epiphany

They walk with their chin up

Holding starbucks in a cup

Reminds me of Beyoncé song – if I dare

“Legs moving side to side – smack it smack it – in the air”

The fathomable walking pace

Unknowingly we are in for a race

Every morning we all move to “The Urban Dance”

Drained of color choice

– We resort to black and white

Sharp heels & flat shoes

– But its black – So it feels right

Lips are miles away from a smile

Eyes glued to the phone dial

Freaked about the calendar clashes

Least bothered about the ankle rashes

Pain doesn’t mean a dime

If only we can reach office in time

Unknowingly we all play a part

To a great sensation called

“The Urban Dance”

Bebe – A song of fur and purr


This poem is dedicated to one of my close friend and her cat – Bebe. True story – True Poem!

Once upon a time

Singing songs of purring rhyme

There was cat named Bebe

Handsome as he was

His traits were odd

While others liked milk

His highness loved cheese

While others preferred cuteness

Bebe preferred stoutness

He always walked proud in others

For the fact – he beheld the best mother

So what, she comes in the form of human

Maternal dew never needed cold

Sufficing with a leafy branch to hold

All evening and dinner time

Sitting on his velvety throne

Gazing at nowhere – call it a cat’s stare

She loved him for what he was

Because that’s what she always care

Together they sang

The mighty song of fur and purr

One evening she came late from work

Faded and jaded she lurked into a gloomy murk

Her room was dark and strangely void

A dark chill ran through her bones

Her voiceless lips screamed – Bebe

She ran from room to room

Just to disappoint on the fact

That her sweetheart was missing

She cried and sobbed

Clutching her fingers – her fragile heart throbbed

She never lived without bebe

This sudden void was surreal

Holding tight to her wits

She ventured into the streets

Shouting like a crazy soul

She roamed the neighborhood in vain

But bebe was long gone

Two days passed

That she gave up on food

Crying herself to sleep

She prayed to the god for mercy

3 am it was and she lied on her bed

And she heard a longing purr

Wiping her tears she ran out of her room

Taking a deep breath she opened the main door

Bebe was staring back at her

His eyes innocently glowed in dim light

Giving out a small purr

Bebe jumped towards her

She hugged him and cleaned his paws

Morning dawned and life was on track

She kept Bebe close to her

Wondering where he was

She thought – she might be nurturing an angel

Or just a secret life of cat

But she is glad to have her soul back

And till this day they both are singing

“The mighty song of fur and purr”