A Wise Shoemaker


Curbed in the underbelly of the town,

Lived a shoemaker.

That nobody knew where he came from,

A wise man – he was perceived of.

Early in the morning he sets up his shoe box,

And shouts through the day:

Come, let me mend your shoe,

Don’t have a copper? Throw me a nickel or two;

Let me hide your smelly toe,

Let me relieve you from your pain,

Let me fix your bloody stain,

For I am the secret keeper –

My lips never parted without a reason.

Let me see what secrets you hide,

So, I can mend your sole, side to side.

I hold no prejudice, I hold no race;

I tend every foot, even with a scarred face.

Though I smell of mud and wax,

My skill will shine your charm.

I will polish you ready, for the missies;

I will scrub you steady, for the bosses.

Like it or not, you need such mend,

I am your shoemaker –

I am your secret friend



Dripping Sweat
And bloodshot eye
Aching heart
And a truth to deny
I can feel the burn
Fist so hard
Guess I am growing horns
Impaired thoughts
And blink less eyes
That murky haze
Eating me inside
What do I do with
My Rage, My Rage, My Rage

Whole world turns fiend
Burning in hellfire
I drag my body
Through the momentary dire
Lips tightly shut
Shivers takes over my sense
It has to be so hard
I feel like an empty vase
I cry for help – save me from
My Rage, My Rage, My Rage

Not a hint of hope
Lost in my own deed
I see a light aloof
Closed eyes And spread arms
Now I can see it clear
Giving a humble gesture
I question myself
How does it matter?
I have come so far
I rose from nothingness
I feel lucky to be here
I feel lucky to breathe
I feel lucky for my emotions
I open my eyes
With the widest smile
I pat myself to say
Enough this time
Come back again
My Rage, My Rage, My Rage

Four phases of my life

Life Phases

As I grow older and death becomes bolder

I realize how small life has been

Took ten years to understand my senses

Another ten to understand this overcomplicated world

Struggled and found the resolve

Just to know I was missing the arsenal to evolve

So I ran & ran to fight and excel

Blinded in a boom box

When I open my eyes

Death was close by

Life is shorter than I thought

Hanging in a mote of light

I raise my finger and count it right

Its just four phases of my life”

Stepping into the final phase

Jaded and rusted of 30 years of race

Now is no time for tear

Not a step back for unknown fear

I have gathered enough wisdom

To venture the world in uncanny freedom

White snowy mountain

To hot warm fountain

A selfie with old pharaohs

To shivers in damp barrows

I will wet my feet in a beach of bluish sight

And drown my eyes in northern light

The last phase is a chance of redemption

Not a bit of remorse

Or a sign of exhaustion

I will trot around the world

At last – kissing the sky goodbye

I will sing

I love – “Four phases of my life”

I am a D major & She is a F sharp

I am D Major


I always started with a D major strum

She always whistled with the sweetest hum;

If only I can grab a harp

Coz my dear loves to play F sharp;

Our notes were way apart

We wanted to jam, she said “but, where to start?”


Cold feet and trembling heart

I hit the first chord – G Flat;

Her lips had the widest smile

Her dimple was deeper than a mile;

Her glow was brighter than ever

Guess I caught the love fever;

Holding the guitar close to her chest

She picked C Flat at its best;


The rhythm got us going

Chords and notes – all started flowing;

Our efforts were in vain

The melody was pouring like rain;

We had hit the connection

The first change was the passion

I have shed the obsession of D major

She smiled goodbye to F sharp

Better life waits – beyond stubbornness

The first change – all what matters

Now we look back to say

“I was a D major & she was a F Sharp”

I am the Stardust

I am the stardust

Forged in the flames
of the heavenly fire
Ripped from my ashes
and moved by the shire
A star is my fame
who lives in my soul
In my bone and in my rust
Never dare to question me
Coz’ I am the stardust

I might fail
I might fall
You can sweep me off my rail
Break me into million parts
Burn me down
Nail me in wooden crates
But my feet remains strong
And the phoenix is my blood
Again and again
Strength I will burst
For the reason
I am the stardust

The final judgement day
I will shed my pride
My naked body on the final ride
Ashes to ashes
dust to dust
I submit myself
to the eternal dust
But I will be back
Living in another soul
In his bone and in his rust
Never dare to question him
Coz’ now I am his stardust.



I lay motionless on my bed

Legs apart and arms spread

Staring at the darkness

The peace within

And a thoughtless gesture

I can feel my breath

and count my beats

Every sense of mine

Draws dear

Every nerve, every path, every pump

I can feel my blood

Running peacefully

From head to toe.

I lay motionless on my bed

A realization –

of what makes me alive

of what parts me from death

My consciousness

Is it more of divine? Human? Or Biblical?

Oh! its a bright spinning ball

of godly essence,

Tucked deep inside my head

the ball talks to me,

Shinning brighter and brighter

I asked the bright ball

Why do you hide in the misty layer of concealment?

What harm will befall you

If you reveal your true self?

Glowing brighter than before

The spinning ball talks,

I am you and you are me

I want you to be good –

as much as I want you to be bad.

I want you to succeed –

as much as I want you to fail.

I am the one who makes you strong –

and I am the one who breaks your leg.

You train me for few seconds

And I guide you for days.

I always stand besides you,

but I hide in shrewd fog.

Just listen to me when I talk-

Never try to find me or touch.

My powers will pull you to madness –

only the words you must trust.

Now my dear body you must sleep.

Knock on my door

when you see the face of sun.

When Shadow Grows Grey


I was a child
When all this started
He gave me choices
My confused eyes parted
He made me sniff but closed my nose
He made me crawl but tied my legs
That’s when I know – My shadow is grey!

When I liked blue
He said – Why not red
When I liked berries
He served me bread
When I closed my walls
He opened five doors
Walking alone in high school alley
He held my hand – My grey shadow friend!

Sitting on a judgment sit
My lips shivered shut
He lit a candle and wiped my sweat
I was on a hopeless streak
When he said – Life is not black and white
Change your shade to grey – Be like me
I unlocked the chain & hid the key
He never longed for a praise – my grey shadow me!

I have done my deeds
Happiness grow like a meadow – ever green
I relish my doings
And praise my chalice
Now and then I look at him
He looks me in eyes
With a smile full of luck
I say – Thank god you are so grey!