A Wise Shoemaker


Curbed in the underbelly of the town,

Lived a shoemaker.

That nobody knew where he came from,

A wise man – he was perceived of.

Early in the morning he sets up his shoe box,

And shouts through the day:

Come, let me mend your shoe,

Don’t have a copper? Throw me a nickel or two;

Let me hide your smelly toe,

Let me relieve you from your pain,

Let me fix your bloody stain,

For I am the secret keeper –

My lips never parted without a reason.

Let me see what secrets you hide,

So, I can mend your sole, side to side.

I hold no prejudice, I hold no race;

I tend every foot, even with a scarred face.

Though I smell of mud and wax,

My skill will shine your charm.

I will polish you ready, for the missies;

I will scrub you steady, for the bosses.

Like it or not, you need such mend,

I am your shoemaker –

I am your secret friend


A Happy Old Lamp Post :)


Last night while walking back home, I stopped and stared at an old lamp post for a while. Lost in my thoughts of empathy I heard the old chap speak.

Never regretted my existence, never have never will,

So what if I am the least admired article here,

I have an old chair here, who I hold very dear,

She might sound creaky and I am half bent,

But how does it matter when we evenly compliment,

I miss her through the day as we work on shifts,

Night falls and I spring into life,

Flickering my way to brightness I see her eyes,

Old as she is, but looks beautiful in my glowing light,

Snapping out of his own thoughts, the old lamp post looked at me in a curious but frightful manner and spoke in calm and rigid voice:

Oye! you young man with a bag,

Are you just a traveler or a drunkard like the last one,

Hesitating I said “I’m…I’m just a traveler. Give me a sec and I’ll be gone”

Be who you wish, but my bright light is plenty in solace,

I give free hugs to the drunk and broken hearts,

I give shoulder to the jaded and exhausted,

I light up a small house for the poor and needy,

Bright minds use me to think in isolation,

Struggling minds use me to catch a breath in starvation,

Greedy minds use me count their greed in the dark,

Thieves run past my trunk leaving their knife mark,

I will tell you what, Mr. Traveler,

I am not sure if I will be in heaven or hell for my last toast,

“But I am sure I am a happy old lamp post.”

Elders are the best guides available for all of us. We like it or not, they will always have our backs. Even dealing with ignorance and part hatred they will always be happy within. My heart bleeds a little when I see helpless old chaps. If not wholly by actions at least I let my words make my stand. I keep my folks close to my soul and one day the whole world will!! 🙂